Sep 27

If you want to avoid clumps there is no way around the use of a professional grinding mill – not to be confused with standard herb mills known as grinder, you can often find in your headshop or your tobacco store. Grinding mills for snuffs are more accurate that grinder for herbs and have in addition some special features. First, a sieve which allows to separate grainy parts from and an outlet funnel are not standard for the most herb mills are available, but are essentiel for powder mills. In addion, c-mills (as these special mills are also known as) often provide a special feature for easy dossage of the milled results.

There are more than only one kind of suitable grinding mills for powder substances of similar. Most of the available mills are made of plastic or metal and there are significant difference of quality and – in consequence – of the price you have to pay for. An entry-level model will cost you not more than a few bucks, but you can also get your own high quality grinding mill for multiple costs. It always depends on your expectations in respect of durability and the quality of the results.

Jul 24

A blade is essentiel for many rough snuffs and a precondition for fine and pleasant results. Though there are different variants of blades available, it is always the same old concept. As long as the shiv is sharp enough, you wont see any differences in practically purposes. Lets start with the classic one:

A simple blade

Our forefathers were depend on this rustic-style device for shaving (in case they did, remember these historic pcitures with long bearded guys). Be gratful that these times are gone and for the ingenios innovation of electric shavers. These kind of blades are cheap and eays to replace. Usually available in silver and gold (color, not material).

Blades with handle

Blades with a small handle that can be fold up is very delightful for safety reason. This variant is more easy to carry inside a pocket, bag or knapsack. Ask snuffers with less than 10 fingers, what they think about this innovation.


A rather new development, but a useful thing: Blades in unit with a sniffer. Most reasonable for snuffers are prone to forget some components in the heat of the battle. Bored people appreciate the possibility to clean nails during the wait for the acquaintance, who forgot his blade or sniffer.

Dez 12

Most snort tools are made of steel (in the better case) or of some other kind of metal. Beside the risk of producing and sniffing rust, it is a rather cold expierience and most metall snorters are of simple design.

G-Spot Snorter “Snake”

Unlike as the glass snorters made by G-Spot – the famous glas bong producer from germany. These glass tubes are made in especially extraordinary design and – of course- without any dangerous edges, but smooth glas ware. A highlight of each snorter is the individuell design the producer is take care of.

G-Spot Snorter “Blue”

One very special variant of G-Spot Snorters is made as a “double” tube for sniffing with both nostrils the same time. The difference to other double snorters is the bended neck, which allows a very comfortable sniffing position.

G-Spot Snorter “Double”

Okt 13

Do you remember your childhood days? And the intellectual game “Rock Paper Scissor”? Now these days are back and even as a adult you can enjoy these funny game in a different way.

This set inludes the most important supplies for a demanding nose and will give you the good feeling of “everthing is in your pocket”.
Start the game with the following content:

  • The Rock: a beautiful, stonemade Snorter
  • Paper: Useful “Snow Seals” tar papers
  • Scissors: ok- you caught us – it isnt a scissors , but a convenient blade.

Not for kids: Snuff Set

This set was compiled for those who like to have everything ready to use.

Available in our Snuff Set Section.

Mai 26 is still a relatively young online shop for Oriental hookahs of all sizes and types and important equipment as coal, tobacco and small parts. The shop delivers within (almost) the whole of Europe and offers in addition to the large selection and fair conditions agreeable processing times and delivery times.

Hookha Shop

Jul 28

A special offer for special needs. This kit contains an elaborated snuff kit with blade, tube and paper and three pieces of the pocket rocket, a very simple yet powerful instrument that comes in quite handy if you’re away on business.

It’s only one of several snuff sets in the shop. Very popular are also the snuff bullets, these ingenious devices never cease to fascinate me.

Jul 23

In further times we prefer the simple plastic mills. This new mill reaches a new dimension for snuff people.

C Mill
Snuff Mill

Fine grinding mill made of aluminum, packaged in a velvet bag. This grinder mill is perfectly suitable to pulverize lumps and rocks. It can also be combined with our standard dosage and sniffer bottles very easily with a connector.

  • Four part mill made from anodized aluminum
  • crank for easy grinding
  • metal sieve
  • engraved with “Black Leaf”
  • comes in velvet bag
  • 5cm high, 4,3 cm diameter.

Jan 08

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